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Hi everyone,

First, we all want to extend our apologies for the site we all have enjoyed being taken offline. We will miss it just like many of you will, but for several reasons, we have decided that right now is not best time for us to be trying to run the site.

We all came in guns blazing and excited, with great ideas and plotlines, but as we all know – being adults – that life can throw curveballs pretty quickly! In an effort to provide a quick explanation, please know this was not something we took to lightly. Ciel is getting ready to have a baby in August, and Ves and Natti are juggling work and degree programs that have demanded far more attention at this time of year.

Someday when things are more settled, RotI (or another version) may be resurrected, but for now we have chosen to close and wish you all the best. We hope that you find places that you love and that challenges and fulfills your RP and writing desires!

Most of all, a big thank you for being a part of this amazing community with us =)
Ciel, Ves, & Natti <3
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